Circle of our competence (service)

Family budget planning

We create and help maintain family budgets, setting goals for short-, medium- and long-term perspectives., setting goals for short-, medium- and long-term perspectives.

Intergenerational Relations

Family is always a unique story. There are no two families alike as sure as there are no two snowflakes alike. In addition to helping set up a family tree and genealogical research, we create the necessary structures and grounds to transfer established family wealth across generations. This can be from organizing family meetings, coordinating generational education and ensuring family education commitments.

Asset Management

Our clients know perfectly well that monitoring their securities in the financial markets while leasing commercial real estate and at the same time as selling a yacht takes a lot of energy and time. We have a considerable experience in asset management through our Geneva office. This experience has been gained in institutions such as Rothschild, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Chase Manhattan Bank. This expertise gives us the confidence and knowhow to deal with complicated market situations.


Taxation has become a much more important issue for family offices in recent years and as such has assumed a larger role among the functions of a family office. A family office will typically employ a general counsel and/or chartered accountant, or several accountants and tax experts. Considering taxes when making purchases can help you optimize them and save up to 20% of the family budget.