NICA Multi Family Office is a much in-demand service among the wealthy families worldwide with a state from $10 000 000. We offer to the families and financial brokers the high profile asset management and the solutions for all the problems facing the dynasties in the modern world.

We believe in the Swiss traditions. With this in mind, we have united our companies into one global service based on in-depth comprehension of the local peculiarities.
Our clients
Active entrepreneurs
Being actively involved in current affairs the entrepreneurs can hardly switch from "business" to "family" capital. Our clients choose us to improve efficiency of their family capital management and enjoy the benefits of the gained quality time for business operations..
We help quickly adjust to the rapid changes in life after family upheavals. When a family member gets an unexpected burden of the capital without having proper experience and knowledge what to do and how to manage it. Likewise, we help family members after loss of a breadwinner, divorce or moving to another country.
Former businessmen
After the sale of a company or a part of the business, most common error is to take the whole capital as a business opportunity and to start actively pursuing it. As a rule, it causes considerable losses. Business capital and family capital exhibit different level of risk tolerance.
Who do we work with
Switzerland's largest bank
As a member of the reputable Swiss Association of the Asset Managers we follow its charter and its strict regulations.
Credit Suisse Group AG, Swiss
Financial conglomerate
Our professional liability insurance covers $5 million should there be any damages for our clients caused by our company.
During 30 years of our practice we have not had a single insurance case.
Pictet, Swiss
Third-largest Bank by assets after UBS and Credit Swiss
According to the contract with our clients, we cannot take hold of the client's money, neither transfer nor debit the bank account under our management.
Banque privée Edmond de Rothschild
International Investment Group
Other World Banks
USA, Europe, Asia
Participation in international events
We actively participate in the international community, where we exchange best practices and expand the network of partnerships
Media publications
Our company is widely covered in the media
Forbes magazine Interview
Financial Times
Financial Times Summit Singapore
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Summit in Moscow
Financial Innovation Forum
Russian Private Wealth Forum
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Summit in London
Fin Party
MFO Summit
MFO Summit in Miami
Moscow. NAIMA
Circle of our competence
We manage and grow family assets of all sizes with care and reliability.
Family budget planning
We create and help maintain family budgets, setting goals for short-, medium- and long-term perspectives., setting goals for short-, medium- and long-term perspectives.
Intergenerational Relations
Family is always a unique story. There are no two families alike as sure as there are no two snowflakes alike. In addition to helping set up a family tree and genealogical research, we create the necessary structures and grounds to transfer established family wealth across generations. This can be from organizing family meetings, coordinating generational education and ensuring family education commitments.
Asset Management
Our clients know perfectly well that monitoring their securities in the financial markets while leasing commercial real estate and at the same time as selling a yacht takes a lot of energy and time. We have a considerable experience in asset management through our Geneva office. This experience has been gained in institutions such as Rothschild, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Chase Manhattan Bank. This expertise gives us the confidence and knowhow to deal with complicated market situations.
Taxation has become a much more important issue for family offices in recent years and as such has assumed a larger role among the functions of a family office. A family office will typically employ a general counsel and/or chartered accountant, or several accountants and tax experts. Considering taxes when making purchases can help you optimize them and save up to 20% of the family budget.
Russian Wealth Report (RWR)
Russian Wealth Report (RWR) by NICA Multi Family Office is the first annual study on Moscow's wealthy families. It is dedicated to the families, which follow the path of sustainable development. It is a category, where younger generations do not have to pay for the mistakes of their ancestors, and in which patriarchs care about the preservation of their capitals.

The study will tell you where various groups of affluent Moscow residents live and spend their free time, and about financial
instruments they use. We present ratings of banks preferred by entrepreneurs, rentiers, and top managers, and lists of the most
popular printed media and the fanciest places in Moscow. The report includes a study on the most demanded districts in the Russian capital to buy residential real estate, and on the best countries and hotels to travel to in all the four seasons.
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Each wealthy family is unique. And everyone has its unique idea of happiness and future. Our initial main target is to help the family create a vision of their future and set priorities along with diagnosing the state of the family's assets.

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